To Thielsen

We were in the trees all day, so no views to share.  But we ran into this trail junction that has us intrigued.


Perhaps for another year.

Rolling into camp after sunset but before complete darkness gave us a nice view of a formation called Pulpit Rock reflected in a string of lakes called the Rosaries.

Day 184 – 25 / 2,445 (1,908)

Sunrise on Pulpit Rock over Lower Rosary Lake.


We soon crossed Willamette Pass and peeled off the PCT to follow the Oregon Skyline Trail  (OST).  This time of year the OST provides opportunities for water, where that stretch of the PCT provides an opportunity to carry water through a 30-mile dry stretch.  We’re all about opportunities, but we opted for water.

With a multi-year drought, Diamond View Lake was more of a big mud hole.  We tried to get to the water, but it was shoe-sucking deep mid, so we kept moving.


It turned out to be another day in the trees without any views, but we were moving forward and having a great time.

Day 185 – 21 / 2,466 (OST 5)

One disadvantage of picking the route with the water is that we woke up to deal with something we hadn’t worried about since Washington – condensation. Nothing like having to carry around an extra pound of water that we couldn’t drink.  Luckily we climbed out of the damp and could let the tent dry while we had lunch and collected/filtered water.

Throughout the day we kept climbing.  We figured out why everyone thinks Oregon is so cruisey – they are going downhill. But since we’re headed southbound, it’s a lot of uphill for us.  Nothing steep, but 8-10 mile gradual climbs wear on us after a while. 

Eventually we were able to get a view:


And some light play:



But all of that work got us to this:


Followed by a post-sunset view of my favorite mountain in Oregon, Mount Thielsen:


Even though camp was well above 7,000′, we had the warmest night on the trail than we have had since Northern California. We were roasting (relatively) at the same time that folks approaching the Northern Terminus were waking up to blankets of snow.

We chose well.

Day 186 – 25 / 2,491 (1,856)

Please help us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


One thought on “To Thielsen”

  1. I got behind on your journal while I myself was out adventuring so this post has me all confused about your whereabouts until you thankfully mentioned your flipflop.

    Spoiler Alert: congrats on your completion!

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