Bend It

We woke up to a nice frosty day, plenty of sunshine and a short 10 miles into Elk Lake, where we would meet our Bend-based trail angels.  They would shuttle us the 30 miles into town, let us shower, launder, sleep, resupply and laugh.  A lot.

On the way we passed this.


Only 250 miles to go!

Day 181 – 10 / 2,403 (1,950)

Our Zero Day in Bend was perfect. A slow, easy morning, great lunch at a food truck, some equipment replacement, then dinner and beers at the Crux Fermentation Project.


For those that haven’t been to Bend, it’s a very outdoor oriented town. After your outdoor activities, you can pick from a few dozen brew houses.  Our kind of place.

Day 182 – 0 / 2,403 (1,950)

After a great breakfast, our angels got us back out on trail.  On the way we had a view of the nice overnight dusting of South Sister.


Hopping back on trail, we made good time.  An hour into the hike, I updated our GPS to check mileage to camp.  The blasted display said we were 1.25 miles off trail.  What the?

Apparently we had missed a turn while we were chatting and laughing about the great time we had in Bend.  Now it was time to backtrack.

Once we got back to the junction, it was easy to see our mistake.  From our original direction of travel, we exited the forest and entered a meadow where the trail went straight. Unfortunately the PCT veered to the left, which we didn’t notice.  Also, the directional sign was placed so that the northbound hikers could read it.  We never noticed it.

No big deal, it just put us an hour behind, which meant hiking after dark.  That is becoming quite common now that sunset is at 6:30 pm and getting earlier and earlier.

Day 183 – 17 / 2,420 (1,933)

Please help us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


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