No Sleep ‘Til Ashland

Please excuse the brevity. The new WordPress app ate this entire post, except for the title. I have but a few minutes to recreate it before we head out on trail.

Leaving Cascade Locks via the Eagle Creek Trail.



Tunnel Falls.

Day 172 – 15 / 2,237 (2,125)

The best view we’ve had of the Cascades, better than when we hiked through in late August and early September.


(l-r): Mt St Helens; Mt Rainier; Mt Adams

Then a mile later, Mt Hood.

Then a tricky log crossing. A sound of metal clanging turned out to be Jen’s titanium mug as it bounced off the tree and into the raging water below. Our stove was in the mug.

More tricky water crossings, then a glorious sunset on Mt Hood.

Day 173 – 21 / 2,352 (2,104)

An all-morning climb to Timberline Lodge, where we planned on having lunch.

Knowing that the Lodge is one of my favorite hotels, featured in the film The Shining, Jen snuck down to the lobby and negotiated a great deal on a room for the night. It wasn’t part of the plan, but it worked out well and didn’t put us too far behind.

Plus, with much less climbing in the week ahead, we could slowly regain the miles we “lost”.

(why do I get a sense of foreboding as I typed that?)

Day 174 – 10 / 2,362 (2,094)

Please help us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


One thought on “No Sleep ‘Til Ashland”

  1. The Timberline! Take the SnowCat up on the next climb…
    You guys look great. Yes, even you Bill. Partly because it wasn’t a picture of your feet, but mostly because you are both smiling and thriving safely. Keep chugging!

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