Canada! Now Oregon

Overnight, the clouds that threatened rain passed over with just occasional light sprinkles.

The alarm went off at 6am.  By 605am it started raining.  In ernest.  We had a few hours until we had to meet our friend at the border, so we didn’t rush to break camp.

It rained the entire time, ensuring we packed away wet gear.

Just 10 minutes down the trail, it quit raining.

Just our luck.

Soon we were at the border.  The end of the official PCT.  The northern terminus.

A cause for celebration, but we still have over 400 miles to go as we finish Oregon.

Soon after, our Canadian friend arrived from Manning Park, some 9 miles distant and the end of the extension of the PCT into Canada.

After hugs and getting caught up, he opened his pack and broke out a brilliant picnic lunch – Stiegel radlers (a favorite Austrian wheat beer with grapefruit juice); sandwiches of hard salami, cheese and mustard; stuffed olives; smoked gouda and sliced cantaloupe.

Pure brilliance.

After lunch, he led the way to the  Manning Park trailhead, where we hopped in his car and headed home.  This portion of the trail was done.

And we beat winter, which was the whole purpose of skipping Oregon to get Washington done.

For those of you wondering where the customary pictures of us at the northern terminus monument are, you will have to wait.  We won’t post those until we have actually completed the trail.

Until then, we’re going to relax a few days here in Canada, then head back to Oregon so we can complete that section of the trail.

Day 167 – 4 (+9) / 2,222 (2,650 + 9)

Two Zeroes in Penticton, British Columbia, then a drive to Cascade Locks, Oregon, then a Zero to plan our resupply through Oregon, buy food and get ready to head south.

Getting the true Canadian experience with a third breakfast stop at a Tim Hortons food truck.  Donuts and coffee. Pic courtesy of Don Smith.


Day 168 thru 171 – 0 / 2,222

Please help us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


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