After arriving at Stevens Pass the afternoon before and being shuttled to North Seattle by Spectrum, we were able to resupply and repair some equipment.  But the best part was the evening and morning with Spectrum and his lovely bride.

When we left Seattle after lunch at Spectrum’s favorite local burger joint, it was raining quite steadily. Luckily, as we drove out to Stevens Pass we climbed above the rain and just had cloudy skies to contend with.

By mid-afternoon we were back on trail.  A gentle climb let us ease into the day.  Tha rarely happens when we have packs heavy with resupply.

A few miles in we passed Lake Valhalla.


But soon it was getting dark,so we pitched camp and called it a night.

Day 155 – 11 / 2,045 (2,473)

We awoke to still cloudy skies, but a bit cooler temperatures.  We were feeling good and tackled the climbs.

If you’ll recall, in the last post I mentioned that the trail in Washington was like sawteeth.  Today was typical, with 6,000′ of elevation gain and 4,700′ of loss in the 20 miles.

Those that like pushing big miles here like to boast of 8,100’+ days, but that won’t be us.

During the afternoon the clouds built around us, shaping some excellent light around us.


But then they started dropping ice pellets on us, then rain and eventually a mix of rain and snow as we climbed into the tent to sleep.

Day 156 – 20 / 2,065 (2,493)

Our campsite the next morning.


That was fine, but to throw a wrench in the works I started having gastrointestinal issues before breakfast. I didn’t think too much of it,  not realizing how it would shape the rest of our approach to Canada.


After a wet morning on trail where it took me three hours to get five miles, Jen spotted a meadow in sunlight and suggested that we lay our stuff out to dry.  Soon the tent was up and all of the wet gear was sprawled across the grass.  That included me.


Thanks to Bedrock Sandles for helping me dry my feet out.

Lying there in the sun felt good, but I was feeling worse.  The only adequate tent site was already occupied, so we had to head up trail.


By 4:30 pm I was in my sleeping bag, wearing every stitch of clothing I had, down jacket, gloves and wool cap included. Even with that I was shivering constantly as other hikers passed by wearing just shorts and t-shirts.

Jen had to wake me up a few times to try to get me to eat and drink warm things.  Luckily I was able to keep them down.

I was going to sleep until 9am the next morning, except for when the fever broke sometime around 2am.

The stars sure were beautiful.

Day 157 – 6 / 2,071 (2,499)

Please help us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource: http://tinyurl.com/le5cu9j


3 thoughts on “Flakes”

  1. Your blog reads like an old story book like Little Women and the pictures look like that too. Such Beautiful pictures. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. I hope you feel better Bill.

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