Dry, Dry, Dry

We had gradual clearing of the clouds all day, but spent the day in the trees. Not much in the way of views, but we were in much better spirits as we weren’t wrapped up in rain gear.


Day 149 – 20 / 1,960 (2,388)

After camping in the hills right above the Snoqualmie Ski Resort, we hiked the two miles to the pass, where we ran into quite a few of the hikers we’ve met over the last few weeks.  There was a lot of relief that better weather was here.

We had arranged to be picked up by a friend of Spectrum, a man whom had never met us, yet was willing to drive a couple of hours from his house, pick us up, drive us to the nearest town some 30 miles away, let us resupply, then shuttle us back to the trail at Snoqualmie Pass before heading back home.

That is the definition of a Trail Angel.

Once we got to the restaurant and ordered breakfast, we started talking to the other hikers and found that we could do a full resupply there, between the overflowing hiker boxes, a small grocery store and the gas station. That’s exactly what we did, waving off the extremely kind gentleman who was awaiting our call.

So we did our chores in town and hit the trail by late afternoon, getting several miles up the trail before calling it an early night.  The tent still needed to dry.

This sign met us as we left town.  The next few days were going to involve a lot of climbing and rough trails.


Some say the toughest of the whole trail.

We made it about 4 miles up the trail and found a nice spot to set up camp.  We still needed the tent and sleeping bags to dry out and it was several uphill miles to the next campsite, so it seemed right.

Day 150 – 6 / 1,966 (2,394)

We woke up to dry gear.  Oh happy day!

The day was crisp and clear, a perfect autumn day in early September.

Our first real view of Mount Rainier.


Then quite a few other crags and peaks.  But we also learned why the warning was posted for the horse riders.  It was extremely rough trail going up steep climbs and down steep descents.  In some spots I still don’t know how they would get loaded stock through.

Even by early afternoon, factoring in breaks and lunch, we had moved at an extremely slow one mile per hour.  But eventually the tread and terrain improved and we were able to pick up the pace.

Which also gave us a chance to slow down and enjoy the views.

Tough day of climbs, great views.


Is this the Cascades, Grand Tetons or Dolomites?

Day 151 – 18 / 1,984 (2,412)

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2 thoughts on “Dry, Dry, Dry”

  1. Beautiful photos. I will likely be roaming the PCT somewhere around Steven’s Pass this weekend to shoot pics of fall colors and share fruit with PCT hikers. I’ll keep eyes open for you.

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