Even though this first day started off with some blue sky and clouds, the title refers to the rain that we would experience over the next few days.

Another good description for these following days is “hypothermic”.

Our best view of Rainier that we would get.


Then a nice lunch that was almost dry.  Then the rain started.



An hour later we were racing through several bouts of thundersnow.


Then just plain snow.



We were enjoying the official last weekend of summer.

Then this, right before we set up camp.


Day 146 – 20 / 1,904 (2,332)

We were soaked and cold overnight. Dry inside thentent, but in the clouds and a continuous stream of drops off the trees above.  The grove was surrounded by a couple of inches of snow, which kept things cold.

Another issue was eating.  We hurriedly ate a quick got dinner, then jumped into our bags.  It was enough to survive, but not enough to fuel the furnace. So we both shivered all night long and didn’t sleep well.

That impacted the rest of the day.  It was slow going.

But the rain finally stopped and we started to dry out, meaning we could warm up while enjoying some fall color.


We set up camp early so we could dry out.

You long-time readers know what is happening next.

Ice pellets while setting the tent up.  Then the rain started while we made dinner.

And it poured.  And poured.  And poured.

So much for drying out.

Then it cleared out overnight.

Then started raining again 10 minutes before the alarm went off.


Day 147 – 17 / 1,921 (2,349)

Rain, rain, rain. 

In the clouds. 

No views. 

Wearing every bit of clothing we had, just to stay warm while hiking.  Stopping wasn’t much of an option.

Thankfully we both had an extra pair of dry socks for sleeping. We used those as sock mittens to keep our fingers warm overnight.

But the sun will come out tomorrow.

So the rumor goes.

Like we have heard for days.

Day 148 – 19 / 1,940 (2,368)

Please help us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


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