Trail Work on the Travel Channel

And now for something not specifically thru-hike related.

Long-time readers might recall my doing a film shoot with a documentary crew last October. If not, click here.

I had been waiting all summer to hear about an airing date.  I did have some contact with the producer, but found out from friends that it had aired.


Photo of a screen courtesy of Eric Allen.

I had hoped for the advanced notice so I could get the word out.

So here is the advanced warning for the rerun, as listed at The Travel Channel:

Columbia River Gorge
Kayakers Rush Sturges and Evan Garcia ride treacherous whitewater rapids and waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge, explorers enter Mt. Hood’s mysterious caves, and Bill Anders voyages to the natural wonder of Crater Lake.
September 20
7am | 6c

Even that description has me wondering about the content of the show, since we were doing trail work on the Rim Trail above Crater Lake.

Here’s a trailer for the episode. I am the second voice-over.  The editing is interesting, since the whole time I was discussing Crater Lake specifically, since that was our focus that day.  But I would not disagree with using it to cover the whole state.

If the embed code doesn’t work, just copy and paste into your browser address field. For you literalists, then press the return/enter key.

Please remember that although this trail work is performed mostly by volunteers, the work is not free.

We have walked about 1,900 miles of this 2,650 mile trail, but are still shy of half of our goal for this hike – to raise $4,000 for the Pacific Crest Trail Association  (PCTA).  The PCTA is the organization responsible for planning, organizing and executing trail development, maintenance and recovery along the entire trail.

For more information on our fundraiser, please browse on over to

Thank you,
Bill and Jennifer  (Gee…SPOT and BABs)

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