It’s Moments Like These…

…when you know you’re alive.

Leaving Cascade Locks was a bit slow on our part.  Purposefully.


Crossing the Bridge of the Gods was fun.  A stuff easterly breeze and the grating of the bridge made for a windy skirt day for me.  I know that surprised the heck out of me when the kilt flew up.

Although I doubt I was as surprised as the people in the cars headed to Oregon.

Day 133 – 9 / 1,726 (2,153)

After our marathon-like miles in northern California, we were surprised by how tough and slow-going these miles were in southern Washington. Heavy with eight days of food to get us to our next resupply did not help.

A lot of trees.  This would be our view for many days.



Day 134 – 17 / 1,743 (2,170)

Another full day of being in the trees.  By mid-afternoon we received word that the trail was closed some 40 miles ahead of us.  The rumors and speculation started immediately amongst the hikers and since none of us had connectivity, decisions were made in a bubble.

Our decision was to slow down a bit and let the appropriate agencies work out a detour.

Personally, the fun really started when I was standing by the trail waiting for Jen while she took care of some business.

Washington is full of yellow jacket wasps.  Tons of them.  They aren’t a bother, except when they swarm us while we are eating.

But this time I wasn’t eating.  One had flown up the back of my shirt, so I fluffed the shirt and it flew out.

So I thought.

A moment later I reached for my pack, felt a flicker of movement in my armpit and the immediate burn of the sting.

It’s moments like that…
…when you know you’re alive. 

At least the campsite gave us a great view of Mount Hood for the sunset.

Day 135 – 18 / 1,761 (2,188)

Sunrise was even better.


Then we had a nice morning view of Mount Adams and smoke from the fire causing the trail closure.


Then a sneak at Mount St Helens.  It always amazes me to think that in our lifetime this mountain was 1,300′ taller.


There is still evidence of the ash fall everywhere on the trail.

Then an afternoon view of Mount Adams and the fire.


During a nice afternoon break on a switchback, I was leaning against my pack and enjoying the breathability of my hiking kilt.

Unbeknownst to me, a yellow jacket was also exploring the accessibility of my hiking kilt.

It’s moments like these…
…when you know you’re alive.

Day 136 – 15 / 1,776 (2,203)

Please help us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


4 thoughts on “It’s Moments Like These…”

    1. Just doing their thing. It’s amazing to hear the low-level buzz through the forest, knowing that there are millions of them out there doing what they do.

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