Trail Work Stomping Grounds

The next several hundred miles were to include many sections of trail where I  helped clear and repair the PCT.  It would be fun to see how the work has held up after a year.

We started this section with some pretty clear skies, but that didn’t last long.  Thanks to the heavy smoke, we wouldn’t see much in the way of expansive views.



Castle Crags.

We selected this campsite based on recommendations that it was one of the best views on the PCT, with Mount Shasta, Mount Lassen and Castle Crags dominating the skyline. We’ll have to take their word on it.

Although we will return to this spot during clearer weather.  And who knows, maybe we’ll find my small toiletry kit that managed to not make it in my pack the next day.

Day 119 – 17 / 1,516

Sunrise saw the inversion capping the smoke just below us in the valley, which meant we caught a glimpse of Mount Shasta.  Just 20 minutes after sunrise we couldn’t see her anym



The rest of the day was in and out of smoke.  We had views at times, other times it was just



Sometimes it just looked like Mount Shasta was floating.

We made it past Deadfall Lake, a popular hiking destination amongst the locals.  Being Sunday, we expected a crowd.  Instead it was just us thru-hikers, some headed north, others headed south.  Apparently the smoke kept folks away.

Soon we came to the spot where I took the picture of Jen and Skinny that is now the header on the blog.  We had planned to recreate it for a long while now.  Unfortunately the smoke blocked any background, but here’s Jen with her vial of Skinny’s ashes.


A few more miles and we found our campsite. Still plenty of smoke, but we had some nice views downward from the site.


Thanks to our new shoes, we saw our first 26 mile day.  Actually it was 26 miles due to rounding, since I only post whole miles and not keep track of anything less than whole miles.  So this was one of those funny instances where we actually hiked only 25.28 miles, but the rounding made it 26.

For those of you that are twitching right now it works like this:  we left camp at mile 1516.43 and arrived at camp at mile 1541.71.  Since I track only whole miles, that’s leaving camp at 1516 and arriving at 1542.  That’s how 25.28 becomes 26.

But technically we’re still a mile shy of walking a marathon.

Day 120 – 26 / 1,542

A day of trees and thick smoke.  There weren’t many photo ops until we got to a small stream and found our first carnivorous plants on the trail, a bunch of beautiful pitcher plants.


By the end of the day we found ourselves in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. I had been looking forward to this stretch for the whole trail.  Unfortunately we couldn’t see much of anything thanks to the smoke.

Day 121 – 24 / 1,566

Please help us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


3 thoughts on “Trail Work Stomping Grounds”

    1. Nothing to be sorry about. It creates a different quality experience. It’s not bad, just different. Until the eyes are burning, then it’s bad.

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