Bubble Watching

Another Zero day for the feet.  It turns out the foot problems were pain referrals from issues in my legs.

Good thing I brought a licensed massage therapist on this hike with me.

Day 113 – 0 / 1,409

Leaving town, we took it easy, letting the feet settle into the routine.  They felt good, but the rest of our bodies sure protested.  Apparently we got used to the lounging around.


We didn’t see another person on the trail all day long. Before we got off trail three days prior, we figured that we were 3-5 days behind the closest bubble of hikers.  Our rest days would put us 5-7 days behind.

We set up camp near the trailhead to a spring.  Once everything was set up and we headed to the spring, a hiker arrived, much to our surprise.  While we were down at the spring filling our bottles, another arrived.  Back at camp, in short order there were half a dozen hikers sitting by our tent.  A couple more arrived, folks we hadn’t seen since South Lake Tahoe.

But soon all but two were headed up the trail to other campsites. The mini-bubble moved on without us.

Day 114 – 16 / 1,425

Even though there were large fires to our south and north, we had surprisingly clear skies, which made for good views of Mount Shasta.

Unfortunately she’s pretty barren of snow, even for this time of year.


The feet were doing better, but I was still feeling it.  We couldn’t get to new shoes fast enough.  Even Jen was starting to feel it.

But we still had a few days before we could enjoy new kicks.

Day 115 – 20 / 1,445

Please help us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource: http://tinyurl.com/le5cu9j


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