Range of Light

We slept in a bit at the crowded Tuolumne Meadows backpacker’s campground, which wasn’t as crowded as all of the surrounding drive-in campgrounds, which were completely full for the upcoming 4th of July weekend.

Once the general store opened, we stocked up for the upcoming 8 days to South Lake Tahoe. This is what 8 days of food looks like.  We have to repackage and consolidate so that it all fits, along with toiletries, into those two blue bear canisters near the center.


After getting packed and then waiting way too long for a cheeseburger from the grill, we hit the trail.

More storms in the distance.


Tuolumne Falls. It’s only about 4.5 miles by trail from the overly crowded Tuolumne Meadows, but there wasn’t another soul in sight or earshot.


Since we got such a late start and we w were loaded down with food, we only made it 8 miles.  But we got quite a show at sunset.

Looking south:


Looking east:


Day 83 – 8 / 951

Although the trail north of Tuolumne Meadows is not as challenging as much of the John Muir section to the south, this was one of those days that just beat us up.  We were asleep before sunset.

Granite mountain abstracts:


I love big rock.  It’s even better when the atmosphere cooperates.  This was not long before we took shelter under a tree while the hail ran its course.


Tree abstract.


And a very handy addition to this trip.  Thanks Mom!


Everyone, look for these stoves on Amazon. They run well under $10 and work great.  We don’t cook our meals, instead cold soaking almost everything. But on a night like this, a bowl of hot instant potatoes with tuna mixed in is great.  Or, like the next morning, when a cuppa joe is in order,  which happens only a few times a month out here.

Why get one?  They are perfect for winter car emergency kits, home emergency kits, etc.  At just under 4oz and no bigger than 3 matchboxes  (excluding fuel), they’ll fit anywhere.

There isn’t a specific brand name. It appears that one factory makes them and many companies rebrand them.  Sure, it’s not your Jetboil or MSR stove, but at 1/10 the price, it’s a great bargain.

Day 84 – 17 / 968

Going to sleep early didn’t help in the morning. We hit the snooze many times more than we ever have.  Even when I jumped out of my bag to get dressed, we both could have slept a few more hours.

Random Yosemite view.


Lunch view.


Dinner view.


We were dragging all day long.  With the sawtooth climbs and rocky descents, we just didn’t get too far.

Day 85 – 15 / 983

Please helps us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource: http://tinyurl.com/le5cu9j


6 thoughts on “Range of Light”

  1. Unexpectedly received a PCT map and magazine from PCTA yesterday. Love that I now have much better perspective of your travels.

    Beautiful pictures, engaging blog. You two are inspiring!

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