The Top

Our sunrise view from our all-granite dining area.


A high mountain meadow with the high desert mountains stretching off in the distance. Death Valley would be behind the third range.


Another meadow that Jen called a golf course.  Our destination was a lake tucked at the base.


Chicken Spring Lake, 11,200′.  Jen sat and took in the view for a few moments.


Day 64 – 18 / 751

A nice view to wake up to


Another “golf course”, as Jen called it.  With a hole like that, anyone could make a hole in one.


Entering SEKI.


Lots of rock, including the big ones in back.


Alpenglow over the meadow.  We would be hiking up that valley the next day.


Day 65 – 15 / 766

Please helps us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


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