High Country

Two months ago today we stepped off from the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. Today we step off on the first day of the Sierra Nevada portion of the trail.  Here is Jen in Kennedy Meadows.


In the distance you can see the tops of rain showers. Just a little while later they had built into thunderstorms, giving us a soundtrack to hike by as we kept an eye on the threatening sky that never amounted to anything for us.  At least the mammatus were impressive.


After several miles of steady climbing, we reached the high mountain meadows above 8,000′.


A small climb over a ridgeline and we were at our campsite on the bank of the South Fork of the Kern River.

We watched and listened to the storms all around us, but other than a few drops of rain, they never amounted to anything for us, but sure put on a show as the sun set.


In the lower left corner you can see a swallow flying by.  The bridge over the river is host to several dozen nests and the sky is full of swallows hunting insects to feed their starving hatchlings.

The sun has set and they are still at it, flitting all around the tent.  The river doesn’t have enough flow here yet to have a babble, which means we can hear the native trout sipping insects off the surface.

A perfect end to a great day.

Day 62 – 15 / 716

Jen, cattle wrangler.


Jen, cat napper.


Jen, Goddess.


Jen, tired from all that work.


A day of climbing and descending  (like every day) serenaded by the frequent rumble of thunder.  Even a few drops of rain, enough to break out the umbrellas for a few minutes.

We found a great campsite at the end of the day, tucked off the side of the trail, marked but secluded enough that hikers passed without knowing we were there.

The best part was the large granite outcropping that served as our dining area and entertainment center.


We were hoping that the storms would clear enough for sunset.  We set about our chores and kept an eye to the northwest. Luck worked in our favor and the clearing began in time for a great light show.

This was the view from our all-granite dining area.


That will do.

Day 63 – 17 / 733

Please helps us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource: http://tinyurl.com/le5cu9j


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