Arriving at the “Gateway to the Sierra”

A little dirty, a little grimy, but a whole lot o’ smiles.


A day of climbing, then descent, leaving the desert world behind and entering the true Sierra Nevada.

Day 60 – 16 / 697


Our sunrise view across the Rockhouse Basin, just miles shy of Kennedy Meadows, the “gateway to the Sierra”.

We purposefully stopped short so we could continue resting before hitting the big mountain passes.  Had we gone all the way into Kennedy Meadows, the hiker party there would have likely kept us from resting.

We’ve noticed that if there are three or more hikers in the same location, someone is not getting rest.  Another observation is that if one hiker is awake, everyone must be awake.

We try to find secluded camp sites.


Our early morning departure worked well, as we got to the Kennedy Meadows General Store a bit after opening to the cheers of the hikers relaxing on the deck, then
caught the last of the pancake breakfast.

Perfect timing for second breakfast.

After that, it was time to pick up and divvy our resupply boxes.  One was full of dehydrated food that we had packaged before the hike.  Neither one of us can bear the thought of having any of that (I quit eating it during week three), so it will get tossed in the hiker box.  Someone will enjoy it.

It’s fun to get here and see faces of hikers we thought we would never see again, whether they were ahead or behind us on the trail. The record for us was a hiker we last saw just as we crossed mile 300.  That was 400 miles ago!

The danger of this place is that it can be Hotel California, with a well-stocked beer cooler and an attached burger stand. We ran into a few hikers who had been here a few days and we’re packed to leave when we arrived, only to see them setting up their tents before sunset.


“Such a lovely place”.

Day 61 – 5 / 702

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One thought on “Arriving at the “Gateway to the Sierra””

  1. Thought of you two while doing a puny 9 mile hike on Red Buttes with MT Shasta in the distance. It’s an amazing journey you are on.

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