More Impressive in Metric

The morning view a couple of miles from our campsite.


A fun marker that I had forgotten about. I’m glad that someone else remembered.


A late afternoon view from Sequoia National Forest, amongst the trees and cool wind, looking east over the Mojave Desert and the town of Ridgecrest.


Day 53 17 / 635

After 27 miles since the last water stop, this sure looks good.


Someone was kind enough to leave behind a snow stake for digging and a couple of scoops to make collecting the water easier.  The spring was a seep spring, meaning that the water seeped from the ground and ran along the surface.  Digging a hole like this made it easier to scoop out before filtering.  Later in the season there won’t be any water on the surface, so hikers will have to dig deeper pits to access the water.

By the way, that was 27 miles between natural water sources. We carried water for that distance. However, there were a few water caches along the way, meaning that local folk would place gallon water jugs out for the hikers.  If we ran across one in the afternoon, we would take half a liter each so we could enjoy a Nuun, our favorite electrolyte drink.  But if there wasn’t one, we used what we had.  The caches were a surprise and treat for us, which means they were true “trail magic”. Some hikers rely on them, which is a fool’s folly because you can’t rely on the caches to be stocked, especially on these hot, dry stretches.

Some fun with desert symmetry.


Jen has been amazed at how fast the transition between forest and desert occurs.


But the best part was having this view while lying in our tent, ready for the show to end so we could sleep.


Day 54  16 / 651

Please helps us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


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