Tehachapi Days

We originally intended on “slack-packing” an eight mile stretch between local highways in order to cut down a very long water haul through a very dry stretch.

The pull of the hotel bed won.  So we ran errands and bought our food for the next leg of our journey.  Even though it was a Zero day, the town is spread out enough that we put in about 7 miles of walking.

Here’s our latest portrait, thanks to a tractor-trailer on the side of the road.


Day 48 – 0 / 558

Although the pull of the bed was strong once again, we managed to get out to catch the one morning bus running through the region.  We asked the driver to drop us off where the PCT crossed the highway, which she did.

We were slack-packing, meaning that we were staying in the hotel before and after, so we left most of our gear in the room and were traveling light.  That would help make for a quick 8 miles.

But we did have extra weight in our backpacks.  We loaded a couple of packs of cold Coke and started south, against the flow of the northbound hikers like us.  Within minutes we met the first of many thru-hikers, many of whom we recognized.  Needless to say, the Cokes were a welcome surprise and a smashing success.


With the completion of these 8 miles, geographically speaking we are now done with the desert as we enter the very southern tip of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Climatologically and traditionally, we have another 140 miles to go before we enter the Sierras, as this next stretch is the driest, with several 25+ mile hauls between water sources.  Couple that with a full week before our next resupply and the packs will be heavy.

As we leave the desert, gone are the frequent town stops and access to phone networks.  The updates will become less frequent, certainly not thrice weekly as they have been for the past seven weeks. But we will post when we can, likely in a more condensed format.

Day 49 – 8 / 566

Please helps us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource: http://tinyurl.com/le5cu9j


2 thoughts on “Tehachapi Days”

  1. Nice picture of you and Jenn! So glad you were able to get some good rest. How nice of you to treat the other hikers. I know they won’t forget your kindness. Praying for you!!

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