The House of the Moon

Casa de Luna.

Our goal so we could Zero.

It was only 13 miles, then at worst a 2-mile road walk, until we reached the house of the Anderson’s, aka Casa de Luna.

They have been hosting hikers for 18 years.

The alarm went off at 5am as usual, but we ignored it and slept in.  A slow start, then a climb out of the valley that the road ran along.  After a couple of hours, a long lunch that included a nap amongst the Manzanita bushes.  Then a couple of more hours to the highway that led to Casa de Luna.

An active recovery day.

Except for the afternoon stretch that included a trail tour of all five sides of a four-sided valley.

That was mentally tough for me.  I was ready for the Zero day that was coming. Jen got a kick out of listening to my ramblings. And by getting a kick, I  mean she was recognizing that I was ready for a break.

No road walk or hitch required.  A minivan was blocking the trailhead so we couldn’t even make it to the highway.  Tiny Steps was waiting for us with cold Cokes and a ride to Casa de Luna. It was like Christmas.

Tiny Steps volunteers every Memorial Day weekend to shuttle hikers to/from Casa de Luna and the trail, occasionally to other locations nearby.

For those that have heard the lore about Casa de Luna – it’s true.  For those that haven’t, I can’t explain.

But here are their rules:


Good rules for life, don’t you think?

Day 42 – 13 / 478

After a tough week, a Zero was in order.

A sleep-in, pancake breakfast, laundry, a nap, relaxing, blogging, and relaxing.

Everything a Zero should be.


This is what a campsite in the Manzanitas looks like after hand-washing the important bits of laundry.

Then a resupply of needed items.  For you hikers out there, trust the guide books that say no resupply at Casa de Luna.  I made a mistake and paid dearly.


Compare new shoes to those with 500+ miles on them:


Those are the exact same shoes – New Balance Minimus Zero trail running shoes, size 10 Extra wide (4E’s). If they made a 6E, that would be better.  Instead I have to get creative with the lacing.

New Balance, please keep offering these shoes.

The other item in our packages are new hip belts.  We both have dropped enough waist circumference that we had to drop a belt size in order for the packs to wear properly.  Thankfully our Gossamer Gear packs have interchangeable belts.

No, we have no idea how much weight or how many inches we have lost.  It’s not important to us, just a fact of life on the trail.

Day 43 – 0 / 478

Please helps us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


2 thoughts on “The House of the Moon”

  1. Enjoying your updates and pictures are fabulous. Met you & Jen briefly at Paschal Winery shortly before you departed Ashland.

    So impressed with the distances carrying the packs. Just caught up with all the posts and awaiting the next! Thank you!

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