Desert and Sierra Views

Thinking we were out of the ice and snow, we woke up to more ice.  That’s what we get for thinking.

Luckily it was just the tent.

With the clouds still flowing over the top of the San Gabriel mountains, we had a bit of condensation early in the evening.  Then we dropped below freezing, which gave us nice sheets of clear ice covering the tent. That delayed our start as we waited for the sun to crest the ridge and melt it off.

Coffee time.

Once we got moving, the miles melted quickly, just as the ice did when the sun hit the tent.

Soon we reached a ridgeline that gave us a fantastic view to the north looking at the southern Mojave Desert and a glimpse of the far southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

Our goal for the next few weeks.


Then another afternoon of climbing. Climbing while dodging the dreaded poodle dog bush.


Why dreaded? Read the “Irritant” section of the linked Wikipedia article.

Nasty stuff.

Once we got over the top, the descent was quick to our next water stop, the last before a long 18-mile dry stretch.  It was getting late in the day, so we decided to set up camp in a roadside picnic area instead of pushing forward and hoping to find a spot in a few miles.

We chose well.

Especially since a local stopped by with a stack of hot pizzas and a cooler of PBR.  We had already eaten, but wouldn’t you know it, that PBR tasted pretty good.

Day 38 – 19 / 419

A repeat of yesterday in every sense.

More great views of the mountains ahead, an ugly climb before lunch while dodging a ton of poodle dog bush, a nice descent but continuing poodle dog bush hell, then finally breaking out of that he’ll only to be faced with a couple of miles of poison oak before getting to camp early.  Early enough that we could push forward, but with no sure campsite for at least 8 miles, we stayed put.




Day 39 – 17 / 436

Please helps us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


One thought on “Desert and Sierra Views”

  1. Nothing like Milwaukee’s finest export to help move things along! Great to see your progress….keep it up!

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