This is Sparta!

An early start and we were at the next milestone.


Then it was another day of working our way out of the canyon. Lots of ups and downs, lefts and rights, looking at excellent swimming holes that we couldn’t reach.


We stopped for an early lunch break at a hot springs on the creek that it also the local nudie spot.  Sorry, no pics. At least we didn’t run across the rumored “old hippie who likes to give hugs”.

After that, it was a push to water and camp.  We hit a water crossing that presented a choice – wade with shoes or without.  The gravel sure felt great on the bare feet.  But while we sat on the opposite bank and filled our water bottles, we heard several other hikers talk about camping at the next water spot some 6 miles up the trail.  The spot looked to have had limited space, so that lit a fire in Jen’s belly.  She proceeded to put the hammer down and drug me along all the way to camp, where we got there early enough to get our pick of spots, then let the rest fill in once they arrived.

Did you catch that?  Jen put the hammer down for the last six miles of our second 20 mile day.  She continues to amaze me.

Day 30 – 20 / 318

A beautiful day, meant to be a bit of a recovery after the previous day, plus poise us for the next couple of days. 

If you haven’t noticed, every day is not just about that day, but planning for the next few.  It really is a bit more complex than walking all day then camping.

Although we try not to get too complicated.

The start was early in the midst of a very crowded campsite. Too crowded. Not our scene, even if it’s full of smiling, familiar faces.

Jen set the pace early and we were moving.  A quick we are stop and we already had our eyes set on lunch at a picnic area next to a large lake.  I looked forward to a cold bath in the lake and Jen laughed at the thought.

It turned out that we had great views of the lake, but the picnic area where we planned our stop wasn’t on the lake, but a few hundred yards off.  No worries, we had plenty of shade and a spigot with ice cold water that we didn’t have to filter.  Add the cool breeze and it was a heavenly spot in which to take a long break, nap and eat lunch.

But soon we were back to climbing, with great views of the lake receding in the distance.


It was already breezy, but as we climbed higher on the ridgeline, the stronger the gusts.  As in plant the trekking poles, take a step, plant the trekking poles, take a step, and so on.  Pretty windy. 

But once over the top, the descent was quite mellow and the mountain did a fine job of blocking the strongest gusts.
We strolled into a campsite early, poising ourselves for a short morning hike into the McDonald’s at Cajon Pass on the 15.

Day 31 – 17 / 335

Please helps us help the PCT Association as they work to protect and maintain this precious resource:


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