Cool Mountains

After a nice relaxing morning of breaking down camp, a hot breakfast and then a nice double cheeseburger provided by the fine volunteers at the Warner Springs Community Center, we headed off for a short day.

Those volunteers raise enough money in the two peak hiker months to cover the local school’s fundraising needs.

Our goal was to get to the next water point just five miles up the trail.  It was an easy hike and we got there mid-afternoon. Since it was so early,  we loaded up with water and kept moving.  Good thing, since the next 10 miles were uphill.  And that’s never a fun way to start the day.

We made it another 4 miles, then found the perfect spot to stay for the night.


We were hoping to catch a glimpse of Mt Palomar in the distance and maybe some meteors, but the clouds never broke.

It was just us, alone in our thoughts, wondering how many mountain lions there were nearby.

There are only two animals in the world that absolutely spook me – tiger sharks and mountain lions.

That made the 2am potty call that much more invigorating.

Day 11 – 9 / 119

We were going to push today.  The plan was for 15 miles.  Well-spaced water sources and a cool day meant we could do some moving.

Within an hour, we came to an area that is, so far, our favorite spot on the trail.


It’s quite a neat valley, full of boulders.

It was near here that Jen looked at me and said “You’re quite content”. 

Yeah.  Yeah I am.

Mid-day we arrived at our water source – Trail Angel Mike’s.  Mike keeps a large tank full of cold well water available for hikers, even opening his land for people to relax and find shelter.  We didn’t take advantage, but the rumbles of thunder could have been a clue.

How does the song go?  “It never rains in California”?


At least it didn’t on our heads.   But it sure was nice to watch.

A bit of hunting for a campsite large enough for our 2-person tent stretched out our day a bit, but poised us well for the next water spot in the morning.

Day 12 – 16 / 135


2 thoughts on “Cool Mountains”

  1. So glad all is going well . Thank you for sharing your photos. Praying for you day and night! Enjoying the adventure through your eyes.

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