McLoughlin Clear Sunset

The nice thing about having views like this within a quick drive is that we can try and try and try.  Sometimes the scene cooperates, sometimes not.  Sometimes somewhere in-between.

Some five days prior, the scene did not cooperate.  We were in the clouds and it was snowing fairly heavily.  Driving up this day, the scene looked to be cooperating, as there were low clouds hugging the base of Mount McLoughlin as a skirt.

By the time the sun was setting, it was somewhere in-between.  The clouds had dissipated, but the light was nice.

That’s a fair trade.

The time also gave Goddess a chance to check out her new backpack, lightly loaded, as she walked around on the fresh powder.

That made it just about perfect.  A crisp late afternoon, fresh snow, our footprints the only ones to be seen, a fresh cup of hot beverage (water in this case, since Goddess forgot where she put the tea bags; they were promptly found in her pack once we got home), beautiful late afternoon light and only the sound of the eagles screeching in the trees.

Yep, just about perfect.

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