Waiting for sunset, watching the clouds pass.


It’s interesting to sit here and listen to the hard drives spinning.  It wasn’t but 8 years ago I was standing in the electronics district in Tokyo, marveling at the new 1 terabyte (TB) hard drives, astonished at the price and knowing that I wasn’t even close to filling a 400GB hard drive.

Now I look at my multiple redundant 1TB hard drives that are each getting close to capacity, knowing that my new 3TB hard drive will be almost 1/3 full once everything is copied over tomorrow.


But if I need a photo from January 2004, I can quickly find it.

That’s not bad.  Is it?

Prior to that, it may take me a bit longer.  Those are boxes and boxes and boxes of negatives.

It is interesting to watch the technology change, especially when you consider that we walk around with more memory in our phones than the Space Shuttle had in the then top-of-the-line GRiD Compass computers.  I know a few of you (myself included) worked with those exact same computers in another capacity.  What paperweights!

But this upgrade in technology here at the house is all in preparation to spend half of 2015 without much technology.

Enjoying views like the one above.

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