Here in the US, today is Thanksgiving.  A day to give thanks.

Scenes like this help affirm to Goddess and I that we should give thanks every day.  And we do.

These two scenes are from yesterday morning, Thanksgiving Eve if you will.

We had hiked out the afternoon prior with the intent to camp out and test some equipment in the cool.  It wasn’t cold, but cool.  The morning low temperature was right around freezing.  Not too bad, especially considering that we were at 6,500′ and it is late November.

Grouse Gap Sunrise

Not a bad way to crawl out of the sack.

Although it was much, much better less than 30 minutes later.

Shasta Sunrise

Giving thanks?

We have plenty of reasons to be thankful.  Most of all for the opportunities that have led us to where we are and the opportunities yet to come, including a long walk next year that will keep that mountain, Mount Shasta, within view several times during approximately 300 miles of hiking.


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