And Walkin’

A bit less activity here as Goddess and I are preparing for our long walk.  This week the majority of our preparation has consisted of running errands in town, all on foot.  While Ashland is a fun town, the roadside just doesn’t grab me in ways that I’d want to share photographically with you.

Today we skipped out of town a bit and headed to nearby Roxy Ann Peak, which overlooks Medford.  It was cloudy, it was rainy, it was fun.  But the pics didn’t turn out the way I’d be happy with sharing.  Goddess and I had quite a few laughs as we took a long shortcut down one of the side trails.  It was so slickery that it took longer than had we stuck to the road.  Not to mention the muddy pants and hands.

I won’t mention who had the most and worst slips out of the two of us.


So here’s a flashback to a bit over a year ago, up on the backside of Mount Ashland.

Still Walkin’

Siskiyou Gap, about 2/3 of the way to the goal next year.

Goddess wasn’t there, but Skinny was.

That guy.  He makes me smile.  Every day.  And he will on this trail as we carry him along every step of the way.

A bit of perspective – Siskiyou Gap is mile 1,709.6 of 2,650 on the PCT.

Just for grins, there’s a link in this post that reaches back more than a few years.  An earlier period of my life.  Not a different person, just a different focus.  For those of you new here, it’s a bit of insight to the insanity that has been this ride.

Hold on.


2 thoughts on “And Walkin’”

  1. …waiting…..

    I recently went back and read some old posts of mine. It was really interesting to see my own, I don’t know, “development” maybe. I don’t want to imply that I’m a better person. I’m just different.

    1. For better or for worse, isn't that part of the goal?  To be the exact same person we were five, ten or twenty years ago means we've stagnated.  You and me, Tea, we won't gather moss.  

      Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 7:50 AM

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