Thielsen Stars

About an hour and 15 minutes prior to the image that I posted last, the hints of dawn were already visible.

After an hour of trying to get star images through the moving clouds, the first hints of light started at astronomical twilight.  This image unfolded half an hour later, just a few minutes before nautical twilight, as the sky really started to brighten directly behind Mount Thielsen.

The rapidly changing light was quite a treat, but nowhere near the treat as watching Jupiter (just left of frame center) rise in the eastern sky, visible well after sunrise.

Thielsen Stars

The surprise in this image was the airplane directly over the peak.  I don’t recall seeing it when I took the picture, but there were quite a few out that morning.  Their low rumble was the only man-made sound I heard for a few hours.

That alone made getting up to watch this worthwhile.


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