Fuji Flare

Not Mount Fuji, but Fuji Mountain.

It’s in Oregon.

We were looking to get there early enough in the day to set up camp, then watch sunset from the summit, but it didn’t work out that way.  And we didn’t have enough time to watch sunrise from the summit, as any hike up a Fuji should be spent, whether it be Mount Fuji or Fuji Mountain.

Instead, we watched the sun set on Fuji Mountain from across Waldo Lake, which is apparently the clearest lake in the United States, having recently beat out Crater Lake in clarity.  It’s a beautiful lake, with no motorized conveyance allowed.  Even Crater Lake allows the gas-powered tour boats, which may just be enough to affect the clarity.

In the photo below, Fuji mountain is the one with the rounded top and the sharp precipice on the right (west) side, just to the right of the furthest left lens flare.

Fuji Flare

If you look close, you’ll see a bazillion spots.  That’s not a dirty sensor or lens (I got rid of those nasty spots), but a bazillion flying insects.  Thankfully they were just gnats, not mosquitoes or any other nasty biting bugs.  They were noticeable only when you focused on them, otherwise you could enjoy the scenery and not be bothered.  But they sure show up in the photos.

We need to get up to the summit of Fuji mountain.  It’s not an impressive mountain, topping out at just over 7,000 feet (compared to Mount Fuji’s 13,000’+ summit).  But from all accounts, the view is just as marvelous.

We’ll report back.


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