Sprague Forest

A bit over a month ago, in mid-July, the fire season out east kicked off after a round of thunderstorms moved through.

Goddess and I spent a day driving out there and looking around, hoping for some good photo opportunities, especially as another round of thunderstorms moved in.

Instead, we spent a bit of time looking at the damage, including quite a few lost homes and decided to head to greener pastures.

It was quite depressing, especially seeing homes that burnt to the ground despite the owner’s work on good defensible space.  But that is the risk whenever folks build in the forest, no matter how prepared they are.

But it can leave behind a bit of beauty.

Sprague Forest

2 thoughts on “Sprague Forest”

  1. CO is no stranger to fires as well. You’ll have to make a visit again in a few years when regrowth is starting among the burned down trees. That’s something else to see.

    1. Agreed.  It's wonderful to see the new life.  We've got quite a patchwork design of different stages of that rebirth all around us.  

      Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 6:52 AM

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