Magenta Sunset

As I mentioned in the last post, we had been on the road for a good part of the day, putting many, many miles under our wheels while looking for photo opportunities.

An unplanned stop at one vantage gave me ideas for another view, hopefully capturing a sunset that “set the sky on fire”, as one of the gentlemen I talked to lakeside told me how it appeared.

Isn’t it funny how, no matter the activity or view, “you should have been here yesterday” is a common refrain?

As I sped through the forest, then down steep, winding, wet mountain roads, I kept an eye on the clock, fearing that we were going to miss getting to the point I had in mind before sunset.  The route I chose was an all or nothing proposition.

Luckily, Goddess was patient with me as I kept the car close to the limit that Skinny, who was in the back seat, would tolerate as we quickly descended into our valley.

That boy sure is a trooper.

Sliding into a spot on the side of a narrow gravel road, I got the tripod set up, the frame composed and took my first evaluation shot two minutes after sunset.

Perfect for what I had in mind.

Although the sunlight on the clouds never did cooperate.  Especially not for a “sky on fire” view.  After a long day, it was disappointing.

I did not even think I had any keepers from that part of the day, at least nothing that really turned me on to share here.

But I posted this out there in some social media circles and was quite surprised by the response.  And I’ll admit, it has grown on me.

I think I like it.

Magenta Sunset

Goddess likes it, which is important.  I think she liked it more since she was actually able to watch a sunset from one of the places I’d head off to while she was in class.  After that, she’d see the pictures, but never had a chance to enjoy the view in person.

I think she’s sold.


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