Picnic View

The lunch view for three of the past four days.

Picnic View

The first two days were over the weekend as part of the Pacific Crest Trails Association (PCTA) Trail Skills College that I mentioned in my last post.  We did quite a bit of work on this stretch of the PCT and were rewarded with this view to sit and enjoy as we ate our lunches.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, I had to go back this week.  I was taking pictures of the work in progress, but forgot to get pictures of the finished product on Sunday afternoon.  Luckily this spot is only a 20 mile drive away, then a mile or so down the trail.

Goddess and I headed there today so I could get my pictures and she could see a bit of our work.

So what did we do?

On Friday, we spent the day clearing quite a few fallen trees, learning how to use a one- and two-person crosscut saws and a few other tools.  A couple of the logs were quite large and took all five of us to move them off the path.  It was tiring, but rewarding, work.

On Saturday and Sunday, we learned different trail rehabilitation methods.  While the sawing has specific techniques that are pretty straightforward to understand, trail rehabilitation requires a bit more imagination, being able to envision how water would flow on, over and across the trail, then control that flow so the trail isn’t damaged.  It’s not only a physical task, but mental as well.  One that I quite enjoy.

Now that the schooling is over, I’ll have to start looking for teams to get out and work with.

Especially if it’s with the great people that I got to meet and work with this past weekend.


4 thoughts on “Picnic View”

    1. In a sense, but nowhere near as complicated. 


      Not only does the job entail erosion control, but social conditioning, as we have to build structures to help guide people where we want them to go in order to minimize damage to the area as well as the trail.


      It is quite a bit of fun!


      Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 6:42 AM

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