Crater Lake Fall Lines

Whenever I look at mountains, regardless of the season, I mentally ski them.

It’s no different with water.  Whether it be a river, a lake or an ocean, I mentally surf the waves, no matter the size.

A bit of wishful thinking, perhaps.

Crater Lake is no different.  I love looking at the slopes and imagining the turns I’d take, down runs I would never make, especially since the end of the run would not be fun at all.  Not to mention the climb back out.

Crater Lake Fall Lines

It’s beautiful, but dangerous.

Just over two weeks ago, a visitor to the lake rented snowshoes for a walk away from the lodge.  He hasn’t returned.  Search teams found his tracks leading towards a spot where a cornice broke free.  They didn’t find tracks leading away from the spot, nor have they found a body.  Damn shame.

A not-so-gentle reminder that beauty can be dangerous.


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