Ashland Dinner Plates

It has been an interesting week of winter.  After a couple of weeks of unseasonably warm weather, we had a bout of rain, then normal temperatures.  After the rain, we stayed dry, but there was enough moisture to keep us in clouds.

But on Monday and Tuesday, the clouds got really interesting.  We had evenings of one of my favorite clouds – altocumulus standing lenticular.  That’s their name because they are in the middle of the cloud layers, they appear to stand still (relative to the ground) and they are lens shaped.

Beautiful to look at, but you sure don’t want to fly a plane through them.  Unless you are piloting a glider, then it’s “fight on!”.

Since we are lacking very distinct peaks around here, the clouds form, but they don’t become very distinct themselves.  So instead of forming over one specific mountain, we can see them scattered throughout the sky.  Get several of them forming over one peak and it looks like a stack of dinner plates.

Ashland Dinner Plates

A bit of a mess in the sky.

To give you an idea of the wind speeds involved, here in the valley we were less than 5 mph.  At the time I took this picture, the sensor up on the top of Mount Ashland was showing 45 mph.  A touch breezy.

I was hoping to catch those moments when the setting sun lights them perfectly, but that didn’t happen, no thanks to cloud cover further west.  But it was still fun to watch, especially since we could see ripples form on the upwind (right) side and travel the length of the cloud before disappearing off the downwind (left) side.

OK, enough geeking.

Except for one question…

What are your favorite clouds?


5 thoughts on “Ashland Dinner Plates”

    1. That’s what makes it really fun for me, Shimon. I enjoy the beauty, but understand the dynamics involved. That knowledge does not detract from the beauty.

  1. The evil looking hail ones that are all bubbly with a slightly eerie glow from underneath. It reminds me of being under the water in the ocean, with just an edge of imminent danger.

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