Goddess, Skinny and I took a nice break today, exploring back and side roads in the national forest just outside of town.  The weather cooperated nicely, being a relatively balmy 52ºF (+11ºC) and cloudy here in town, rapidly changing to 35ºF (+2ºC) and neurotic mix of rain, snow grains, snow, ice pellets and snow grains throughout the day as we climbed a few thousand feet and spent the day there.

It really couldn’t have been better, although some of the back roads really weren’t ready to be driven on.  We’ll go back later in the year when it’s drier.

Moving from spot to spot, I always had an eye out for anything that caught my eye.

This did.

Goddess did not see it, but sure felt the seat belt doing its job as I tested the brakes, found a spot to turn around, zipped back down the road and turned around again, pulling up right in front of this recently felled tree.

“This looks fun!” I exclaimed.  I think I heard a curse word, although in my mind it was agreement.

A nice light snow falling, a spongy mat of soaked pine needles and complete quiet.



Approaching the tree, I couldn’t help but think of pictures from the TV show “Game of Thrones“.  We’ve never watched the show, but the way the branches splayed out from the felled trunk sure looked like the blades from that throne.

I did try to figure out why the tree was cut down.  I’m not an arborist, so I couldn’t see any easily identifiable reason to cut it down.  But I do know that the forest service here is very methodical about where and why they cut down trees, so there must have been a good reason.

And for my selfish reasons, I’m glad they did.

By my count, this tree lived about 160 years.  That’s 16 decades of feast, drought, disease, and fire.

Getting through all of that is a good life by any measure.

———————————————————- break ———————————————————-

Just a few days left!

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BAP-Spring14As always, I do appreciate your support.



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