Shasta Cumulus

Mount Shasta, California, as viewed from the foot of Pilot Rock, Jackson County, Oregon.

Shasta Cumulus

Very fitting for this vernal equinox.  It marks the end of the winter that never was for us.  It wasn’t much of one for the Shasta area either, although they were able to open one ski run for a week, thanks to man-made snow (the Shasta ski area is low on the mountain, below the snow line you can see above).

If you are tracking to the minute, the actual vernal equinox is today, 20 March 2014 at 16:47UTC.  Click here to see what time that means for your time zone.

Just remember, that doesn’t mean that summer is here.  It just means the next few months are going to be bits of summer and bits of winter.

Just today I was riding my mountain bike on a mountain adjacent to where this was taken, at about the same elevation (5,300′).  The day after this picture was taken, we got snow down below this level.  Today I was in shorts, riding through the forest, snow and mud splashing everywhere.

Cold splats against bare sweaty skin.

A bit of summer, a bit of winter.


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