Wishful Thinking

While two-thirds of the country is in the grips of a harsher than normal winter, we never really had winter.  A few nice hints, but nothing that lasted more than a couple of days.

We held out hope.  We need the snow, both for drinking water and for a gentle fire season.  We wanted the snow so we could ski, but the local ski mountain finally gave up the fight on Friday, announcing for the first time it its history it would not open for the season.

We had season lift tickets.

But with astronomical spring arriving this week, we’re shifting gears.  Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, so things should be green.  The hills surrounding us are, thanks to a fair amount of rain we’ve received over the past couple of weeks.  More overnight, including a dusting of snow above what looks to be 5,000′ (as spied from the kitchen).

We’re moving forward, getting the beds prepped for the garden, although we won’t be suckered in, knowing that the average last frost isn’t for another two months.

But it’s too damn early to be starting the dandelion fight.

Wishful Thinking

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