Bruneau Tree

With us still in purgatory as far as the season goes.  My neighbor is mowing his lawn on February 1st and the ski mountain that I can see from the living room is discussing refunding our season passes and not opening for the year.

The first makes me giggle, the second displeases me immensely.

All of that means that the landscape around here is brown and lifeless and the photo opportunities are limited.  At least as I’ve found them.

I’ll admit, I have not investigated near as much as I should have.

But this past week gave me an opportunity to drive over to Idaho, even though it was a very quick out/back drive.  Not only did the drive take me through the high desert of Oregon and Idaho, I ended up in an area that I lived 20 years ago.  That alone brought me smiles, but I was also able to stop in one place that I often used as my own zen garden, shooting the scenery on film with my Canon EOS 630.  I still have that camera.  I suspect I have about half a roll through it right now.

Luckily the scenery changed little and I was able to walk directly to some good vantage points.  That helped, since I only had about half an hour, but it was enough to reinvigorate that photography itch.

Like mad.

Bruneau Tree

Early morning, the day after a clearing winter storm.

I had the place to myself.

Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho.


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