Six years ago today, Skinny said “yeah, I guess I’ll put up with these people”.

So today is our “Gotcha Day”.

We were warned about his “puppitude” back then.  But he was just a young pup, at 3.5 years old.  That means he’s now 9.5 years old, technically the oldest in the house (by far) and has grown that ‘tude into one for the ages.

He sure can be a cranky SOB.  Usually when we aren’t doing exactly what he wants.

A demanding cuss, he is.

And we wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Gotcha Day 2014

It’s a good thing he stopped for a moment to look regal.  For the previous several minutes, he was licking that patch of snow next to his left front elbow.

Classy dude that he is.

So hang in there for at least another six gotcha days Skinny.


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