Rogue Inversion

As you’ve likely caught on by my moaning, this has been an unseasonably dry winter so far.  It’s not good for the snowpack (I want to ski!!!), which means it’s not good for the upcoming fire season.  It might be a bad one.

Goddess is chin-deep in her studies right now, but I have to take time to break her away and let her have a few moments to catch her breath.  Today was one of those days, so we headed for the hills, where it’s quite a bit warmer than down in the valley.

When the temperatures are like that, it’s known as an inversion, since the pattern is inverted from the standard cooling with height in the atmosphere.

Lately the inversion has been extremely strong, with some 30°F of difference between our house and the ski lodge, just 9 miles away but 4,800′ higher.  It’s quite nice up high while it’s freezing down here in the valley.  And right now there’s no change in the pattern for the next 10 days or so.

The inversion also traps the moisture and smoke in the cold air pooling at the valley floor.  Some days the fog is able to burn off, other days not (it did today).  But right above is bright blue sky.  At least there’s an opportunity to get into the sun.

At least today we had a minor disturbance move to the south and give us some clouds to make the photos more interesting.

Rogue Inversion

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