I should not be able to take that picture now.  Hence the title of the post.

This was taken this afternoon at about 5,400′ (1646m).  The temperature was about 55°F (12°C).  I was in shorts and a thin technical shirt.  Dripping sweat after the 6 mile (10km) climb up from ~3,100′ (945m).  In the background you’d be able to see our local ski mountain, that is, if the sun were overhead or back east a bit.  Then you’d see the ski runs, easy to see with the snow cover.

But it’s not enough.  And it will be gone again in a few days.

It’s mid-January.  We should be skiing and snowboarding.  A lot.

But we’re not.

We’ve had a couple of good snowfalls, a good base to get things going.  But then weeks of dry, warm weather and all of the snow melts off.

We had a good snowfall this past weekend.  On Saturday I was riding through snow flurries at 1,000′ lower elevation than this spot here.  Some snow did accumulate at that elevation, but most melted off already.  Same at this elevation.

It is quite frustrating.

And that frustration also extends to the photography.  It’s neither autumn, winter or spring.  Other than the good snow that we had here in the valley in early December, it’s all lifeless and dull, without any color.

Perhaps it’s time to go straight black and white.

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