Wizard Chemtrails

Another week, although abnormally cold here.

Down to -3°F (-19°C) earlier this week, with 8″ (20cm) of snow on the ground.  The cold air was trapped down here in the valley while the upper elevations warmed up.  It was a juxtaposition of reality, with the mountains surrounding us turning brown as the snow melted, we down here in the valley stuck in our houses due to the ice and snow.

It took six days for the schools to open.  It’s been five years since the valley saw snowfall greater than 1″, so the collective memory has forgotten.

Mid-week, we had friends in town.  A quick visit, never long enough.  Goddess and I discussed ways to keep them here, including letting the air out of their tires or padlocking the door to their room.

But during their last couple of years here in the Pacific Northwest, they had not visited Crater Lake.  I declared it would be a shame for them to leave the area without seeing the view.

They agreed.

So after a couple of hours of slip-sliding on the roads to get there, they got to see.  And they understand.

For Goddess and I, it was amazing to see the snow depth difference between today and Black Friday, less than two weeks ago.

Wizard Chemtrails

About the name of the photo – it’s a dig.  Although I’ve been aware of the chemtrail folks, I’ve recently viewed a lot more traffic on their viewpoints lately.

I’m a skeptical guy.  But their viewpoints?

I find amusing.


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