Snow Puff

As I alluded to in yesterday’s post, we were getting snow.  The rocks that we were standing on to take that photo got somewhere between 15″-20″ of snow overnight.

Down here in the valley, we picked up 6-8″, depending on where you stood.  Walking through the forest at sunrise to get this photo, I pushed through knee deep spots in places.

It sure was nice.  Although I couldn’t see the sun.

It was still snowing, as you can see by the streaks in the photo.

Ashland Creek, Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon

Or you can play with the fake snowflakes on the screen by moving your cursor around.  Make it a gentle snow or make it snow sideways.

But back to real weather, we’ve established a trend.

Other than one short-lived snow day in spring of 2012, this is the first measurable snowfall here in town since 2008.  What’s changed?  Goddess and I are here.  Prior to that, the first winter that we lived in Germany was the worst in 40 years.  The second winter, the worst in 41 years.

Anyone want us to move near them?  The stipulation is that it has to look like here.  And feel like here.


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