Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving 2005.  Goddess, The Boy and I were spending our Thanksgiving weekend in Kyoto, Japan.

A fantastic place.  A place where Goddess and I agree that we could spend the remainder of our days.  A place where, every November, our thoughts return and we check airline ticket prices.

That weekend involved our favorite Thanksgiving meal ever – in an Irish Pub, eating fish & chips, drinking Guinness and sipping on some fine, fine Scotch.  Playing darts between bites and sips.

What a fantastic memory.

Here’s an image from that trip, where we happened to run into friends from Tokyo and spent a couple of days chasing pictures and images around the area.

Kyoto Color

This Thanksgiving will be here in Oregon.  It sure is beautiful here right now.

What will make it better is that we will be spending it with friends that we met in Japan; friends we have not seen since 2006.  Not the same friends that we spent the weekend in Kyoto with, but friends whom we also spent a lot of time running around Tokyo, chasing images.  They are now living on the central California coast, creating their own art.

So we may or may not be eating turkey today.  We may or may not be chasing the sunrise at Crater Lake or somewhere else in the mountains.

Whatever it is we do, I’m thankful for the opportunity.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories”

  1. I spent a lot of time in Japan, China and Hong Kong. I can tell you that in each country, there was at least one place that I thought I could stay forever.

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