Life Changing, Continued

Yesterday Goddess and I celebrated our anniversary.  I was in school all day, using lightning to melt metal to make bicycle frames.  She was in school all evening, engrossed in her coursework.

I guess you could say we’re doing a little bit of changing.

But that’s not what the title is about.  It’s a reference to my blog post of two years ago, talking about where we experienced truffles in the Dijon region of France and what a life-changing experience that was.

Some six weeks ago, I was able to break away to visit with dear friends who had traveled from all over the country to celebrate the accomplishments of one.  Although we sure did spend a lot of time toasting the accomplishments of all.

At the celebratory dinner, the experiences of France rushed back as we had our appetizer.

I Will Never

It had been quite a while since I had last ate popcorn.  But popcorn popped in truffle oil?


As was the time with friends.

As is my time with Goddess.

A baker’s dozen years, which is a nice start.


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