What a Long, Strange Trip…

No apologies to the Grateful Dead.

Hard to believe that it was a year ago today that Goddess and I were here in Southern Oregon, waiting for and receiving the phone call that would lead back here to live, at least for a spell.

That was a good day, filled with thoughts, scenery and a bit of remembrance.

Crater Lake Pano

A year on, we are both very grateful for the news that we received.  No remorse, no regrets.  We wouldn’t change a thing.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to drive 90 minutes up the road and look at this.  Or stay local and see plenty of other things.

A year ago, the small patches of snow far left in the image was all to be seen.  Now the entire rim is blanketed in 4-8″ of snow.  We’ll have to get up there soon to have a look.

And to tie it all together, here’s a video that represents a lot of the local scenery.  People enjoying their day in the park, listening to music of all genres, living a life.

Seriously, I never saw this many hula hoops as a kid.


4 thoughts on “What a Long, Strange Trip…”

  1. Which also means this time last year you guys ran my first race with me, encouraged me to finish, and started me on a journey of recovery for my calves 🙂

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