As in, I’m in need of one.

Which will come soon.

The past week has been 40 hours of working on the bicycle, which is now complete.  Save for the prep work for painting, which will take another 15-20 hours or so.  But today is not the start of my weekend, as I being a seminar to learn and work on my Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding skills.  This course will prepare me for the next two bicycle frame building classes, where I get to bring home another bicycle from each – titanium and steel.

For those of you not familiar with the rule of bicycles, it’s simple – “n+1”, where n=the number of bicycles you currently own.

Which means that by next summer, we’ll have to add another 4-bike vertical stand in the garage.

Don’t judge.  Each has a specific purpose for both of us.  And each means that we’re using our car less and less.

That saves gas for cars like this.

Like my bicycle, hand built and custom made.  My bicycle took two weeks of class time, this car took five years of finding free moments in the midst of an extremely busy life.


It is loud.

It is fast.

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