Two Paths

No bike post today.  Maybe tomorrow.

While I’m attending bike school during the day, Goddess is attending a different school in the evenings (and most weekends).  That means we’re getting to see each other for just a little bit each day, where just a few months ago we were together all day, every day.

We like each other.

We’re both quite busy, working towards our separate goals, which actually meld together quite well and will serve us well in the future.

While she was at school this weekend, Skinny and I decided we needed a breather.  So we headed up into the mountains for some fresh air and hopefully find some autumn color.  We found little color, but a lot of solitude.  And that was a great thing.  Mind you, here in town, the color has popped all over the place.  It’s quite pretty.

From what we were able to find, the small pockets of deciduous trees at that elevation weren’t ready to change much.  Never mind the fact that we were 5,000′ in elevation above town.

But it was interesting to see the small groves of trees on the hillsides reacting to the microclimates, with the lower elevations still in their summer green, while the trees at the top of the grove slowly changing.  We’ll have to go back in a week or so and see how things have progressed.

Don’t get me wrong, the trip was far from disappointing.  Skinny and I were able to walk a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and find a spot a mile or so from the road, looking over several valleys, without any man-made structures in sight.  Not even sounds from cars or airplanes.


Here’s the view from our little parking area, looking south towards Mount Shasta, some 90 miles distant.  The road is one of the local forestry roads and if you’ll notice the pathway to the lower right, that’s a very small stretch of the PCT.  Only 16 miles to Interstate 5.

Two Paths

8 thoughts on “Two Paths”

    1. Hey lady! It is a wonderful place. If you and the boy can ever peal yourself away from that nasty humidity, there’s plenty of fishing to be done here. 😀

  1. Nice picture, Bill. Why black & white? I’ve been thinking of experimenting a little with black & white on digital. But it’s hard for me to define what should be dedicated to the B&W format… They say that distance makes the heart grow stronger.. wishing you guys the best.

    1. Shimon, for me, while the scenery as a color image would stand just fine, for me it was more the lines and shapes. The scenery was a bonus.

      As far as deciding what should be dedicated B&W, I never constrain myself that way. Typically I know it will be B&W when I capture the image, sometimes it’s a matter of looking at it on the computer during post-processing and deciding it’s the best route, whether it be to focus on specific details, or if the colors aren’t quite right.

      Hard to believe that it’s coming up on two years since we visited. It has been a wild ride for us since then. But we frequently talk about our visit with you. Take care!

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