It has been a long week.  A tiring week.  But we are making progress.

A few stumbles, a few steps backwards, a few leaps forward.

Learning is a great gift.

Forty hours of classroom work in and this is where we are.


That is a complete fork, one that started out with straight tubes and separate dropouts, crown and steerer tube.

A fork that I would be confident having under me as I sped down a mountain road.

To the left, an almost complete bottom line – bottom bracket at top, chainstays extending downwards to the rear dropouts.  Only the chainstays need to be trimmed to length and brazed into the bottom bracket.

To the far left, from left to right – the top tube, down tube and seat tube.  Those will be cut to length on Monday and brazed into their respective lugs.  By then, it will be an almost recognizable bicycle.  After that, we’ll chase the devil in the details.

It sure is a lot of fun working at 3,000°F and getting metal to work the way you want it to.  Especially impressive is making silver alloy flow upwards against gravity, then let it set to form absolutely solid connection between two separate pieces of steel.

Equally impressive is watching the other five students, interpreting the techniques in different ways and making their own pieces.

It will be quite interesting to see the individual results.

Again, if you desire, click on the image to see it full-sized, with annotations.


4 thoughts on “Progress”

    1. Heck, I need that too. These are some long, long days and it’s easy to get spun around, both at the workbench and at the drawing board. Labels are good.

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