Scaled Frame

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I am currently attending a frame building class.  One where I will walk out with a new bicycle.

That’s not a bad thing.  We already have five bicycles between us, so what’s one more?

Oh, and the two more that I’ll have to build by the time my courses are done.

That fits just fine into the rule of bicycles, which tells us the right number of bicycles to own, which is “n+1”, where n = the number of bicycles you currently own.

Plus one.

Today we spent the bulk of the day designing the bike that we’ll take home next week.  The plans are full-sized, so it’s fun to look at it and picture yourself stretched out and spinning along.

Frame plans

The oddly-shaped dark pieces are the lugs, which will anchor the tubes in place while giving the bike a certain artistic flair.  It’s the way pretty much all bikes were make before Cannondale burst onto the scene in the early 1990’s with their aluminum bikes and filleted seams, which is a direct connection of one tube to the next without the lugs.  Most bikes these days are filleted, but luckily there’s enough interest in the lugs that we can get them cheap and still make classic looking bicycles.

Other than the dropouts where the wheels will attach to the frame and fork, I will have to fabricate the rest of the bike frame and fork.

If you click on the image, it will open in a new tab/window and you can read the details, should you wish.

For you bike geeks, it’s a relaxed townie bike on the back end, but with enough twitchiness up front to make it fun to zoom down the hills.  Enough space for panniers to carry beer on the back, enough room for fenders for the wet.

In other words, the perfect fit between my mountain and road racing bikes.


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