Another view of a beautiful hand-made custom race car.

Any time you really need a 5-point harness for the driver out of necessity, not just for looks, you know the car means business.


The photographs have taken a back seat this week as I’ve been spending most of my time in the garage working on my own car.  Nothing special, just another Subaru Outback.  But it has been neglected over the years and driven hard, so I set aside this week to replacing spark plug and valve cover gaskets, timing belts and putting completely new brakes all around.  None of the work is photogenic.

Plus, I don’t want grease on my camera and lighting equipment.

But the majority of the work is quite relaxing.  Almost zen-like.

And while the work is relaxing and enlightening, hopefully I’ll get the brakes done and seated properly so I can head up in the mountains and get some views of the early autumn storm that’s rolling through right now.

2 thoughts on “Heartbeat”

  1. Any car that needs a 5-point harness, is a car I wouldn’t want to enter under any circumstances. But glad that you can enjoy it. As for working in the garage, I agree with you… very zen like. I used to do all the repairs on my car when I was a young man.

    1. Shimon – although I have not ridden in it, I suspect it goes really, really, really fast. Especially in a straight line. I’ll post more pictures over the coming weeks that hints to that capability.

      The zen-like work is done. Now I’m just monitoring for leaks.

      Somehow that’s appropriate.

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