Summer isn’t even over, but it seems like autumn is almost already done.   No particular reason, since we’re still approaching 100°F/38°C most days, but it just seems that way.

Perhaps it’s because the calendar is already pretty full through the end of the year.

Perhaps it’s that beautiful crispness to the evening air, even when it’s still quite warm.

That crispness is hinting at what’s to come.

With the cooling off, it’s car season here.  It seems like every weekend there’s a car show in the area.  Another one coming up this weekend just a few blocks from here.

I do love shooting cars and motorcycles, especially if they are restorations or custom builds.

But at a show, it’s difficult to get a significant amount of time with any one build, especially since there are so many other beautiful cars to get a look at.

So when I get a chance to shoot a friend’s car, with unlimited time and space, it’s a great thing.  Especially when I can set up the light kits and make things look the way I want them to.

No natural light was harmed in the making of this photo.


Strobist info:  2x Canon 580EX II’s: one bare-bulb behind me, frame right; the other bounced off a brolly, directly opposite.  That lit the dust in air, giving the impression that the engine was running.

Car info.  I asked for details on the car so that the enthusiasts would appreciate it, especially since he built this himself in his garage, which took a few years.  This is a street-legal drag racer.

He hit the high points:

440 +.040
12:1 Compression
.688 solid roller cam
Aluminum heads
Aluminum mains
1150 Dominator
250 shot nitrous
727 Trans
9″ 5000 Stall
4.30 rear gear
MSD Ignition
Ron Davis cooling

10-point cage
Motor plate + mid-plate
Motor set back 1.5″
Ladder bars, coil-overs, wishbone
Front coil overs – no torsion bars
Rack & Pinion steering – Fabbed K-member
LED tail lights/parking lights
Stock frame rails w/tubs
30×12.5″ ET Street tires – rear
Holeshot Holestar wheels
Painted in my garage – 3 stage candy-pearl

4 thoughts on “Nitrous”

    1. It is a beautiful piece of work. Custom built, in his garage. Took almost five years, which is good considering he had two boys during that time, held down a job and got a degree. All things I know you can appreciate.

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